Work With Jamie

Hi! I’m Jamie –
I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), gut and hormone specialist, chemical engineer, and former competitive athlete. Through my own health journey, I found a passion in helping others find their optimal self again using a holistic approach to nutrition and health. If you haven’t found the support from traditional medicine, lets chat – there are WAY more options!

Do you experience bloating or digestive disruptions/shifts? Are you feeling sluggish or less energetic than you used to? Do you get moody when you don’t eat every 2-3 hours? Are you struggling with your workouts or with recovering from them? 

I am here to support you so you can beat the bloat and get your energy back!

Let’s Chat
$0 Free
15 min discovery call

– Discuss your needs and goals
– Hear an overview of my approach to supporting you

Warm Up 
Wellness evaluation + 90 minute initial consultation

– In depth review of health and nutrition history
– Discuss health and wellness goals and pain points
– 7 day food and mood journal review and analysis
– Collaborate on Long and Short-Term goals
– Provide bio-individual food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to support deficiencies
– Create next steps in your wellness journey
– Provide outside resources / referrals as needed
– Review and select best package for ongoing support
* Does not include the cost of supplements

Training for Wellness
$195 ($80 per session if booked individually)
3 pack of 45 min follow-up sessions

– Bundled visits provide savings over a per-session cost
– Ongoing evaluation and adjustment to supplemental supports as-needed
– Ongoing food-as-medicine recommendations and healthy food strategies
– Review and update short-term goals to support you in reaching your long-term goals
– Revisit goals and improvements since the start of working together

Performance Package – 3 mo
– Functional Labs with Healing Protocols and Support

3 Month Full Support Package with GI-MAP and MRT Testing, Test Reports, and Healing Protocols as well as ongoing direct support (does not include the cost of supplements)

– Want to optimize your health? THIS is the package for you! 
– GI-MAP stool test to identify any microbiome imbalance, pathogens or parasites
  Since nearly all disease originates from a gut imbalance, this test is key! 
– MRT food sensitivity test to identify inflammation provoking foods and chemicals as well as foods which cause the least amount of inflammatory response
– Results from both tests are used to formulate a bio-individual healing protocol including supplement recommendations and ideal foods for your body’s needs
– Support visits every 3-4 weeks (or more if needed at no additional cost)
– GI-MAP retest to confirm resolution 
* Does not include the cost of supplements (if gut healing protocol required, typical cost is ~$500/month for 3 months)

** Don’t see a package you had in mind, I can easily customize a package to meet your needs. Lets chat!


My energy, my focus, my mood, my recovery all got better when I increased my healthy fats and shifted my macros. Little aches and pains that I used to take ibuprofen for occasionally, I have not had to take since this shift!

Mike C.


Jamie is fantastic to work with! I came to Jamie with pretty undefined goals (something along the lines of losing weight and feeling better) and a long history of trying to achieve these goals. She was so quick to hone in on what some of my underlying issues were and help me set specific goals that led to positive results. She helped me make easy and sustainable shifts in my eating and offered supplements specific to me to get my body functioning in a healthier way.

In addition to seeing some nearly instant results, I am incredibly impressed with Jamie’s ability to really listen to me and my budget.  I am not a huge fan of taking lots of supplements, so she adjusted to say here’s what I think you need right now, and here are some things that you can try in the future, if you’d like. She tailored the accountability to what worked for me and helped me rethink what healthy is (yes, she told me I wasn’t allowed to get on the scale every day). 

Most of all, Jamie loves learning and sharing her learning with her clients…I’m so grateful for all of Jamie’s guidance and support AND to feel better in my body!

Stephanie T.