Work with Me

Are you feeling sluggish or less energetic than you used to? Do you get moody when you don’t eat every 2-3 hours? Are you struggling to get through your workouts and/or recover from them? Let’s work together! I am here to support you so you can feel your best again!

Getting to Know you

30 minute consult:
– Discuss health and nutrition concerns
– 3 day food and mood journal review and analysis
– Leave you with 3 key recommendations that you can start implementing today
– Discuss how we could continue working together to achieve your long-term goals and start feeling your best


90 min initial consult +
45 min follow up recommendations visit
a’ la carte cost:


Performance Package

90 minute initial consult +
3 x 45 minute follow up consults:

– In depth review of health and nutrition history
– Discuss health and wellness goals and pain points
– 7 day food and mood journal review and analysis
– Collaborate on Long and Short-Term goals
– Bio individual food and supplement recommendations to address micronutrient deficiencies
– Create next steps in your wellness journey
– Provide outside resources as needed
– Optional Pantry cleanout (virtual)
* Does not include cost of supplements.

This is typically a 3 month process and recommended to set you up for long-term success!


Let’s Keep Going Pack

3 x 45 minute follow up consults:
– Purchase a bundle and save
– Ongoing support
– Create new short-term goals to achieve those long-term goals
– 7 day food and mood journal review and analysis
– Review of supplements and adjust recommendations as needed
*Only available to active clients who have purchased and completed the Performance Package (initial consult).
* Does not include the cost of supplements.


If purchasing a 45 min consult a’ la carte
Cost per session is: