Work With Jamie

Hey there, I’m Jamie –
I am a NTP, RWP, former competitive athlete, and Chemical Engineer. Through my own health journey, I found a passion in helping others find their optimal self again using a holistic approach to nutrition and health. If you haven’t found the support from traditional medicine, lets chat – there are WAY more options!

Do you experience bloating or digestive disruptions/shifts? Are you feeling sluggish or less energetic than you used to? Do you get moody when you don’t eat every 2-3 hours? Are you struggling with your workouts or with recovering from them? 

I am here to support you so you can feel your best again!

Let’s Chat
$0 Free
15 min intro call

– Discuss your needs and goals
– Hear an overview of my approach to supporting you

Warm Up 
Wellness evaluation + 90 minute initial consultation

– In depth review of health and nutrition history
– Discuss health and wellness goals and pain points
– 7 day food and mood journal review and analysis
– Collaborate on Long and Short-Term goals
– Provide bio-individual food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to support deficiencies
– Create next steps in your wellness journey
– Provide outside resources / referrals as needed
– Review and select best package for ongoing support
* Does not include the cost of supplements

Training for Wellness
$195 ($80 per session if booked individually)
3 pack of 45 min follow-up sessions

– Bundled visits provide savings over a per-session cost
– Ongoing evaluation and adjustment to supplemental supports as-needed
– Ongoing food-as-medicine recommendations and healthy food strategies
– Review and update short-term goals to support you in reaching your long-term goals
– Revisit goals and improvements since the start of working together

Performance Package – 3 mo
– Functional Labs with Healing Protocols and Support

3 Month Full Support Package with GI-MAP and MRT Testing, Test Reports, and Healing Protocols as well as ongoing direct support (does not include the cost of supplements)

– Want to optimize your health? THIS is the package for you! 
– GI-MAP stool test to identify any microbiome imbalance, pathogens or parasites
  Since nearly all disease originates from a gut imbalance, this test is key! 
– MRT food sensitivity test to identify inflammation provoking foods and chemicals as well as foods which cause the least amount of inflammatory response
– Results from both tests are used to formulate a bio-individual healing protocol including supplement recommendations and ideal foods for your body’s needs
– Support visits every 3-4 weeks (or more if needed at no additional cost)
– GI-MAP retest to confirm resolution 
* Does not include the cost of supplements (if gut healing protocol required, typical cost is ~$500/month for 3 months)

** Don’t see a package you had in mind, I can easily customize a package to meet your needs. Lets chat!


My energy, my focus, my mood, my recovery all got better when I increased my healthy fats and shifted my macros. Little aches and pains that I used to take ibuprofen for occasionally, I have not had to take since this shift!

Mike C.

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