Stephanie T.

Jamie is fantastic to work with! I came to Jamie with pretty undefined goals (something along the lines of losing weight and feeling better) and a long history of trying to achieve these goals. She was so quick to hone in on what some of my underlying issues were and help me set specific goals that led to positive results. She helped me make easy and sustainable shifts in my eating and offered supplements specific to me to get my body functioning in a healthier way.

In addition to seeing some nearly instant results, I am incredibly impressed with Jamie’s ability to really listen to me and my budget.  I am not a huge fan of taking lots of supplements, so she adjusted to say here’s what I think you need right now, and here are some things that you can try in the future, if you’d like. She tailored the accountability to what worked for me and helped me rethink what healthy is (yes, she told me I wasn’t allowed to get on the scale every day). 

Most of all, Jamie loves learning and sharing her learning with her clients…I’m so grateful for all of Jamie’s guidance and support AND to feel better in my body!