Jamie K.

Start of journey: It has been three weeks since a major overhaul of my diet. I’ve been working with Jamie at Daily Bag of Goodness for Functional Nutrition support. Testing reveled a somewhat common pathogen infection as well as numerous food sensitivities, gluten being a huge issue. At Jamie’s suggestion I started herbal supplements that will work towards eradicating the pathogen while healing my gut and taming the insane inflammation. Within days of overhauling what I consumed, I saw a dramatic improvement in my health. I’ve also managed to drop some lbs! I’m so thankful for Jamie and her knowledge that has started me down the right path to healing.

Follow-up: Just over 9 weeks into the 12 week protocol, I’ve learned so much about hidden ingredients and how to avoid those that cause inflammation. Without “dieting” I’ve managed to lose FOURTEEN POUNDS since July. This hasn’t been easy, and I miss a lot of what I used to consume, but not having the swelling, gut pain, weird histamine reactions, and overall blahs is sooooo worth it!

One year later: After I started and finished the protocol, I have had continued health improvements. I am now experiencing hair regrowth likely due to better nutrient absorption. My anxiety has diminished drastically and I am sleeping like a baby! I am so thankful for Jamie’s support through the process because I have better health now.