I was referred to Jamie by one of my best friends who has used her for quite some time. It really came to a head for me about 3 months ago. I consider myself somewhat of an endurance athlete, rock climber, mountain biker, super active guy. But back in April I was depleted mentally and physically. I was suffering from severe depression, tiredness, fatigue, and major inflammation. I thought I was pretty good at self experimentation and research when it came to my body’s alignments, and my mental health. Little did I know!

I reached out to Jamie after a trip with this friend. In a nutshell I was suffering. The trip was nothing but rock climbing, and mountain biking. I felt crushed when I left. My mind and body needed something in a big way. I called Jamie, set up an appointment and we talked for an extended period of time. I spilled it out all on the table. It was an awesome conversation. I was simply blown away by her knowledge of all things, nutrition, blood work, diet, mental health, exercise, training.  It really was my first step to recovery.

I remember it well during the conversation of her saying let’s start with a comprehensive blood panel and we can go as deep as we want to go. Also she stated something to the effect of upping my filtered water intake and electrolytes daily to address some issues. Go figure within about a week, many of those issues were gone. I told her I wanted to go as deep as could on my blood work. I wanted to see it all.

She assisted me completely through the whole process of where to go, and the panels I needed. She also saved me alot of money on my panels. Once my panels were complete, we had a thorough discussion on EVERYTHING on the panels. It was quite the eye opener. I was amazed at her knowledge on every question I asked about my blood panels. To say the least we reviewed in detail every imbalance I had.

From there we set our last appointment to put together “the package” as I would call it. She put together a full protocol of supplements, we addressed my diet and major food changes that needed to occur, my exercise game, my workouts, my overall health, my energy, sleep, and mental health.

It has been 3 months now. I can honestly say it’s been a game changer. The supplement protocol with the new diet has rid me of bloating, energy loss, and inflammation. My sleep is better, my depression is almost non-existent, and my workouts have been night and day. I’ve lost weight, and truly feel I’m on the road back.

I often hit up her site ” Daily Bag of Goodness” for information on all things health as well as bug her for food recommendations, where to shop healthy, and where to get the deals. She’s always happy to answer. This journey will continue but I know there’s know way I could have done it without her. Thanks for everything Jamie!