Ketogenic Backpacking

Well hello there! Its been over a year since my last post. Those who are still following this blog, I bet you thought I was a gonner! 🙂 Nope, just trying the juggle it all: career, house, child, husband, pets, fitness…along with trying to self-experiment on different eating styles to address some hormonal imbalances. There, … Continue reading Ketogenic Backpacking

“Creamy” Red Sauce

I’m not a big red sauce person but was really in the mood for something different on my pasta. I knew of a great vegan “cheese” sauce recipe so I was inspired to tweak it and created this “creamy” red sauce. I made it with pantry staples so it was easy and quick to throw … Continue reading “Creamy” Red Sauce

Mexican Caviar (black bean and corn dip)

If you google “Mexican Caviar” you will find many versions of a black bean and corn dip/salsa. Some have longer lists of ingredients, but mine is paired down and simple. If you have extra time, and want to get creative, please do so. You cant mess this up. Some great optional ingredients include: avocado, bell peppers, jalapeno pepper, your … Continue reading Mexican Caviar (black bean and corn dip)